The utterance of a banished word, triggers the unraveling of a story.

As a narrative therapist who believes in the radical power of storytelling, I help people develop a new story about themselves—one that liberates rather than binds.


When I work with clients, I help them re-script their life stories through an empowerment lens, so it is strengths-based instead of problem-focused.

I believe we are not born silent, instead we are pressured to be.

In order to alleviate this burden that prevent authenticity, I have developed and implemented memoir writing groups for immigrants and LGBTQ youth in NYC. With experience as a writer and producer, working with Women in the World, Tina Brown's organization in partnership with The New York Times, I’ve traveled to and brought women activists from around the globe to share their stories on live and digital stages. 


Hire Lia to write for your publication.

Lia is a sought-after relationship advisor for professional academic journals, mainstream magazines, and websites. Publications call upon her to help their readers have sex-positive conversations that align with the realities of modern life.