Good things happen when we connect.

Modern life provides many opportunities for socializing, but not necessarily for deep connection, which is a balm for healing.

Support circles are opportunities for sharing and vulnerability. They’re where you can get things out in the open, enjoy community support, and be real—without judgement. Healing and growth feels richer and more empowered when we compassionately connect with others.

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Is a support circle right for you?

Support circles are semi-structured group conversations centered around enhancing the health and wellness of the modern adult.

You won’t be pressured to share things that make you uncomfortable. You are welcome to speak (or not), witness, listen, and participate in ways that bolster your emotions and strengthen your clarity as you work through issues that are meaningful to you.

The only pre-requisite to joining a support circle is a willingness to connect and a desire to enrich your life.  


Connecting with others helps mend the disconnections within ourselves.


By participating in a support circle, you’ll experience a greater connection to others and to yourself. As a result, you’ll gain fresh perspectives that will help you identify and express your wants and needs.

Each circle delves into a topic and provides space to explore new ways of thinking.

Participants walk away with refreshing possibilities for addressing their life’s overwhelming questions and challenges.

During these purpose-driven gatherings, circle members have the opportunity to both share and listen. No matter the level of participation you’re comfortable with, your support circle time will enable you to consider alternatives—you perhaps hadn’t previously looked at—when it comes to removing some of the inner obstacles that are currently blocking your inner peace and emotional freedom.


Join a support circle now.


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I am the Director of Head and Heart at The Well, a membership-based wellness club designed for busy urban professionals opening in the heart of New York City on July 1, 2019. The Well recognizes both the benefits of Western medicine and the wisdom of Eastern healing and have built a science-backed ecosystem for wellness.